About us

YAS Management is focused on delivery of creative, distinctive and quality services ranging from private events, trade shows, performances and exhibitions to human resources and consultancy.

We ensure exclusive, viable solutions, while providing our customers with qualified and experienced staff to hit and even exceed the targets set by the clients.


Event management

A successful event requires plenty of preparation and organization. We deliver fantastic results with our talented team, specific strategies and absolute involvement. YAS Management is able to flawlessly execute special events. If you are looking forward to impressing your guests and leave a lasting impression - you came to the right company.

Exhibition management

YAS Management provides turnkey solutions for exhibition management with capabilities worldwide. Developed network of industry professionals leads to a unique customer experience where time consuming tasks are eliminated. Fixed pricing give our Clients an opportunity to manage and forecast budgets. All proposals are tailored within the particular specifications to meet the Clients’ goals and exceed their expectations. We will be glad to provide services of design and exhibition stand building, exhibition rental and trade shows.

Human resources and Consultancy

In YAS Management we understand that the successful launch and functioning of your business is closely connected to quality and operating speed of the service provider. Any error or mistake may lead to substantial financial losses. You can take comfort in knowing that we only hire experienced recruitment specialists. These are highly qualified personnel ready to support the development of your business. Experience coupled with a firm belief in developing lasting business relationships is a key factor that distinguishes our team from the rest.


To provide services enhancing development of the Client’s business.

Client-Oriented Approach

All our activities are fueled by the needs of our clients and we are really passionate for achieving customer satisfaction and even surpassing their expectations. We work hard to remain their key partner through rendering provably top-quality services and showing our expertise in all interactions with clients – and this is the reason why our clients value YAS Management and stick with us.


Treasuring Our Professionals

Our key concept is to engage, foster and retain extraordinary professionals, enabling them to evolve and to contribute to our common goal. While YAS Management’s managers promote professional development, we recognize and reward progress. Our people are encouraged to communicate confidently and honestly, as well as to adhere to ethical conduct. We all like what we do, respect each other and share our success.


Striving for perfection

We are aspiring enough to gain the upper hand against competitors, boasting much energy, assertiveness and proclivity for actions. We always perform well and achieve our agenda, while setting ambitious goals and sharing responsibility for reaching outstanding results.


Engaging Innovation

We enjoy changes and encourage our people to think differently, take chances and learn from their experience. We feel comfortable with daring decisions and out-of-the-box solutions, but prefer keeping things simple and minimizing paperwork.

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